About Organics





1. The first group of materials breaks the surface tension of the soil or thatch layer to allow better penetration of water.  With water penetrating the surface – it carries with it dissolved nutrients and oxygen into the root zone.  Also, the physical action of the water flowing into the soil helps to further break into the hard soil.

2. The next groups of materials coats the soil particles and helps loosen their bonds, further enabling the water to flow into the soil, either because of rainfall or because of water that you apply.  This action moves the needed oxygen (which roots need to have in order to grow and develop) deeper into the soil.  The flowing action of the water further loosens the hard soil so roots can grow into the softened soil.

3. Several other ingredients stimulate the roots to grow – right into the soil that has been loosened by the water more freely moving into the soil.  With oxygen also in place, the roots have the ability to grow and develop.  Further, we supply the turf with a balanced diet of nine nutrients which encourages the development of the entire grass plant – whereas, just applying Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash – principally stimulates only top growth at the expense of root growth.

4. Other organic materials (humates) further condition the soil to enable the Natural Soil Conditioning process to continue over an extended period of time.  In addition, it recharges the soil, by providing natural nutrients that further “balance” out the fertilizing process that insures BOTH healthy top growth (blades) and root development.

As you can see, this natural soil conditioning process, as part of your Lawn Care Program, is continuous throughout the season, includes 100% of the surface area, extends down as far as your soil will allow. This all contributes to a healthier turf.

The unique organic material we use is an organic blend of humic and amino acids, North Atlantic kelp extract, natural sugars, vitamins and other organic compounds. These organic nutrients will aid in the improvement of soil structure, rooting, and the uptake of N- P-K and minor elements.

This unique blend of organic material contains several different sources of organic matter, which will breakdown at varying times during the growing cycle, providing a longer period to aid in microbial feeding.

It is a unique combination of humic acid, biostimulates, and micronutrients. The humic acid will assist in chelating nutrients tied up in the soil. North American kelp improves rooting. The micronutrients will aid in the correction of soil deficiencies that may be caused by imbalances due to low or high pH.

Some other benefits include; improved rooting mass with top growth, chelating nutrients tied up in soils, such as, high phosphates and iron, increase in microbial activity, increase in plant vigor and chlorophyll production, improve heat and cold tolerance.

The micronutrient mix contains (among other nutrients): magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese and iron. It is an organically chelated micronutrient package. The organic chelating agent encapsulates the micronutrients so they cannot be by soil particles. It will remain available to the plant thru foliar and soil applications without being tied up by soil imbalances.

The use of a 100% blended nonionic wetting agent increases water and nutrient availability, reduces evaporative water loss, prevents and cures localized dry spots, reduces dew and frost incidence and increases seed germination.

This total care package takes into account all essential areas for the care for your lawn, trees and shrubs, the soil environment, the root environment and the surface environment. This total care package is the best program for you and your property.


1. We DO NOT spray every tree and shrub (its against the law). Only problem trees and shrubs are treated once we have the insect populations and potential damage under control.  This helps keep beneficial insect populations at higher levels, which helps control certain insect pests.

2. Additional services may become necessary if specific situation develops and/or severe outbreaks occur (for example: gypsy moth caterpillars).

3. Tree and shrub fertilizing with soil amendments is used to improve the health of the soil as well as the trees and shrubs, and to develop larger and more efficient root systems.  Healthy plants experience fewer problems.

4. A yearly budget for Tree and shrub Fertilizing of your trees & shrub can be established.