Shrub Bed Weed Control & Patio Paver Weed Control

Stop the back-breaking work of pulling those pesky weeds in your shrub beds, and take advantage of the benefits of our Shrub Bed Weed Control Program!

We offer 3 options to suit your needs. For best results, we recommend a combination of the 3 choices below.

1 – Chemical control of weeds in open mulched areas: Controls all weeds present. It does not stop new ones from growing. We cannot control weeds inside or too close to desirable plant material.

2 – Monthly chemical weeding of shrub beds: Monthly visits to keep open areas of the beds free of weeds.

3 – Pre-emergent granular weed and grassy weed control: This application is to help control the emergence of broadleaf and grassy weeds that grow from seed. (It does not control weeds from underground shoots/bulbs etc.) We can usually get 90% control for 4-5 months. Applied twice a year for best results, in spring and fall.  This option will not kill weeds that are already present.  

Want to enjoy a weed-free patio for those summer barbecues or al fresco dining? Yup, you guessed it! We’ve got a program for that as well! Take a look at the options below that are part of our Patio Paver Weed Control Program.

1- Post-emergent weed control only: This is an application of a vegetative control product in order to control all weeds/vegetation that is now present. This option does not stop new weeds from growing in the future.

2 – Pre-emergent and a Post-emergent weed control: This application controls vegetation that is now present and stops 95% of future growth for up to 4 months.