Keeping your lawn hydrated! 

The change of seasons also signifies the change in our approach to watering our lawns.  As we emerge from winter, spring often brings sunshine, a warm breeze and enough wet weather that we can take advantage of without having to follow a rigorous watering schedule.  As the heat of summer begins to creep in please make sure that you are following the steps in our detailed watering guide that can be found on our “More Information” page.

Fall! Crisp mornings, falling leaves…and DRY LAWNS! Though Autumn can grace us with mild temperatures, and pleasant skies, it can also be extremely dry.  Please make sure you are continuing to water through Fall as we can often see the signs of drought stress.  Your automated sprinkler systems should remain active for as long as possible.

Got questions about questions about some strange looking grass? Check out this link below!

Did you know Nature’s Own provides other treatment besides fertilization and control programs? Mosquito, Flea, and Tick season is bearing down on us! Check out the article below, and give us a call to set up an estimate for one of our Pest Control Programs!

Exotic Tick Invades NJ!